How the Seven Years War affects us going forward

The Seven Years war has left many things broken and many people dead. Our people, our great Cherokee people remain strong and vigilant. We fought alongside the British and helped resolve the war in a certain capacity. But now we must look forward. Fighting no longer will solve all our problems, now we must find ways to diplomatically settle disputes. That is why I, Little Carpenter will lead this post war era Cherokee to new heights and strengthen our people, not through war but by finding ways to solve problems orally with these settlers. My family, most importantly my son, Dragging Canoe, will find ways to adapt in this new world. I hope that my son does not remain bitter for how we have been treated and how our rewards for fighting alongside during the war may not have been fruitful.

            It is important that we do not think short term and destroy any bonds we have gained but work to build upon these gains. Though the British seem to have been treating us horribly during and after the war regardless of the help we provided, by making hasty decisions could ruin any hope for our survival. I believe that land is becoming our greatest issue. My only hope is that the British do not take any more than they need or selfishly want. I have my eyes set on going into Virginia and finding land there. I believe my people would be able to prosper as well as live alongside these new people. By finding new land to live on, to grow on, may help us reduce our conflict with not only the British and countries taking over this new land, but it may reduce our conflict with the Creek tribes. I still found it difficult to turn down their offer to take up arms against the British. But I know that was the right decision. To have less of my people die, less of my family die, the better. To find new land. Whether it be in Virginia or more south, I believe we can make it work.

Another issue I can see our family facing is how these outsiders view us as lesser people. I do not want my family growing up in a world where they are viewed as no more than trash. That is why I will continue to go to meet these officials and political heads and keep fighting for the rights of me people and family. Violence has only led to more and more hatred. I am beginning to hear rumblings that these political officials in South Carolina want to meet with me over land in the east. But if it is anything like the Virginians, this may take ages. It appears we are a lesser class to them and any issue we may have or want to discuss takes forever and is put in the back of all their minds. I just hope that they see how we have helped through the war and tribal negotiations that they may soon see us as equals and my family can grow up in peace and prosperity.

 I still think the most pressing issue here is the politics of these people as well as tribes away from us. Though I see diplomatic solutions, the Creeks and the Iroquois may be quicker to pass judgment. That judgment may even come to us. Dragging Canoe is quick to want to resort to violence, I cannot blame him however after the way we have been treated following the seven years war. Demanding diplomacy to a nearby tribe is much more difficult then these new people. But how can I tell them to peacefully figure things out when so much of their land has been taken? So much of our land has been taken! It is difficult to see this clearly, but I know that with firm policy and working on our relationships we can come to equal ground and find ways to sort this out.

It still saddens me to see our land, once so fruitful and beautiful, to still be in ruins from the British armies. They have destroyed our land twice. Though that was years ago and I must forgive them for it. I dream of the day when my family can walk peacefully on our sacred land once again and I hope that after the Seven years war, that the British see how we helped and how we have become peaceful, that will allow us more land. I believe that within the next 10 years, if we can keep our approach, we will get back to be our own people and my family will prosper.       


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