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Bio of Nanyehi/Nancy Ward

Nanyehi (Nancy Ward)/James Ozog: Nanyehi was born in 1738 in the present day region of eastern Tennessee. Nanyehi, also known as Nancy Ward, was known as a “beloved woman or war woman” in the Cherokee Nation. Nancy was a fierce warrior and an important negotiator to white settlers as well as to the new American government after the American Revolution. Nancy urged for peace and negotiations with settlers, and for this, she was labeled by many in the nation as a traitor for striving for peace instead of resistance like her cousin, Dragging Canoe. Nancy Ward will be interpreted by James Ozog. James is a senior and a U.S. Navy veteran. His hobbies include hanging out with friends, watching sports, hiking, and traveling to new places. James will graduate in May 2019 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Bio of Attakullakulla (Little Carpenter)

Attakullakulla (Little Carpenter)/Matt Zator: Little Carpenter was born 1708 and was a Cherokee leader as well as the father of Dragging Canoe. Little Carpenter was not a man of great stature but recognized for his ability as a great orator for the Cherokee. If there is one difference between Little Carpenter and Dragging Canoe, Little Carpenter always wanted peaceful, diplomatic solutions whilst his son was the opposite. Attakullakulla is being interpreted by Matt Zator, a senior environmental science major who believes in water equality for all! His hobbies include baseball, reading, and video games. HE will graduate in the fall of 2019.

Bio of Tsiyu Gansini, Dragging Canoe

Tsiyu Gansini, Dragging Canoe/ Skyla Heise: Dragging Canoe was born in 1738, he was the adopted son of Attakullakulla, the chief of 1 of the 50 Cherokee villages. He did not share the same views as his father and became the leader of the Chickamaugas. He fought bravely for his people and struck fear in the hearts of his enemies until his death in 1792. He is being interpreted by Skyla Heise a Graphic Design major, who can remember the names of fonts but not what she had for breakfast. Her hobbies include drawing, water skiing, snowboarding, and getting attached to shows that never get renewed. She will graduate in 2020.